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Bootdmod3 Custom Tune

Bootmod3 Custom Tune For BMW S63/N63

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Bootmod3 Custom Tune For BMW S63/N63 is a complete tuning package that is compatible with all S63/N63 engine variants.

Here at Navardi Tuned we specialise in delivering Powerful and Reliable Bespoke Bootmod3 Custom Tunes for you F and G Series Turbo Powered BMW.

Have something unique you want tuned? Get in touch with us and we'll tailor a solution that fits your needs. Contact-Us

We offer the following free upgrades with our custom tune packages:

  • Free Upgrade From Custom Stage 1 Tune to  Custom Stage 2.
  • Free Uppgrade From an E mixture fuel Custom Tune (E30, E50 etc.) to Full E85 Custom Tune.

We can tune for the following:

  • Pump Fuel - 91ACN, 93ACN, 91 / 95 RON, 93 / 98RON.

  • Ethanol Mixes: E30, E60 and Full E85

  • Race Fuel (ex. 100oct, MS109)

  • Stock Fuel System or Port Injection or Charge Pipe Injection or Upgraded HPFP.

  • Stock Turbo or Aftermarket Turbo.

  • Stock or Forged Internals.

  • JB4 or AIC6 Configuration also included if you prefer to stack with a flash.

  • Upgraded Coil Packs

Tune Requirements:

  • Spark plugs gapped to 0.022 of an inch.

  • Hi-Flow Downpipe Recommended.

  • Upgraded Intercooler Recommended.

  • Upgraded LPFP recommended, But Not Required For Stock Turbo Setups.

  • Requires A BM3 (Bootmod3) License, which can be bought from Flash Tuned.

  • For Aftermarket Turbo Setups, BM3 or XHP Transmission Flash Highly Recommended.


    This Tune comes with 1 year of free revisions, EXCEPT FOR Re-Tunes due to new modifications that require calibration. I.E upgraded turbos, intercoolers, supplementary fuelling, HPFP upgrades etc.

    Remote dyno sessions are available however must be booked in advance (minimum notice of 2 weeks) and prior to shop bookings. 1x "2 Hour" Booking is included with the purchase of this package.

    Modifications that don't require a "retune purchase" include: LPFP, Exhausts, Intakes, Charge-pipes and turbo inlets.

    OFF ROAD / RACING COMPETITION USE ONLY - ECU Tuning may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. You (The “Customer”) Must take full responsibility to ensure that any modifications or upgrades that you have done to your vehicle conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety and emissions. You must understand that “Navardi Tuned” will not be made liable if your local governing authority deems your vehicle unfit for use on their roads due to a ECU/DME calibration change or “tune”. You will be required to sign a Terms and Conditions / Vehicle Compliance Waiver when you purchase this tune.