Performance Parts Warranty Information – Navardi Tuned

Performance Parts Warranty Information

For Non Navardi Tuned Parts we make a critical effort to only offer what we feel are the most reputable and highest quality parts for BMW engines. Just like all performance retailers, we do not offer any product warranty on products that are not our own. If you install a component and it does not work as advertised or doesn't last as long as it should, please contact us first so we can either offer our assistance, or assist you in making contact with the manufacturer. If you have any questions about warrantees on any particular item, please contact us by email before ordering.

We will contact the manufacture in an attempt to offer a similar product. As the BMW world is highly specialized and often supported by smaller brands; if the manufacture has ceased doing business we may not be able to offer any technical support or warranty for these products. The warranty does not apply and is void in any instance where:

  • The product has been used in any competition / racing; sanctioned or unsanctioned

  • The product has been abused, misused, or improperly maintained

  • Repairs have been made or attempted by others

  • Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear

  • Alterations have been attempted or made to the product

  • The product is a consumable

  • The product has been in an accident or on a vehicle that has been damaged
This warranty is limited to repairs or replacement, without charge, of the product/part found to be defective, or at our (Navardi Tuned) discretion; refund of the purchase price.
This does not extend to claims for other losses or damages arising from the defect. In no event shall Navardi tuned's liability under this warranty exceed the purchase price of the original product. This warranty does not include the cost of removal or reinstallation of the product. No person or representative is authorized to extend any warranties on behalf of Navardi Tuned for any liability (other than expressed herein) in connection with the sale of any Navardi Tuned product.
Navardi Tuned disclaims any and all liability for any implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. Under no circumstances shall Navardi Tuned be liable for any incidental, indirect, specific or consequential damages arising from purchaser's use of the product.