1. Purchase is made through our website.
  2. Once payment has cleared on our end, we email you our tuning disclaimer that you must agree to for us to get started, or we send an immediate refund.
  3. Once we have received your confirmation for the tuning disclaimer, we will instruct your to send over a tune request in Bootmod3.
  4. We will send over your first base map/revision within 24-48 hours of purchase, with instructions on how we would like you to log, in short our logging instructions are as follows:
    • 2000 - 7000 RPM wide open throttle in Sport Plus driving mode, Should you notice any hesitations or stuttering or misfires during WOT we ask you to immediately stop and request an update from your tuner. We aim to provide a safe and reliable tune, but sometimes parts on cars can break and tuning does place additional strain on certain components and if said components aren't in good health they can result in motor failure.
    • Once you have completed a log please click the "Req Update" button from your tune in Bootmod3, and feel free to make any necessary comments to notify us on how your tune is going. 
    • Once we have received your "Req Update" we will start working on reviewing (please note our timezone, as mentioned we do attempt to respond to all requests within a 24-48 hour period and making any necessary changes required as soon as possible. (please note our timezone, as mentioned we do attempt to respond to all requests within a 24-48 hour period) Please understand should you not hit the "Req Update" button we won't be notified that you're waiting on us, and due to the large volume of tunes we work on, won't be flagged that its next in the que to be reviewed.
    • Each car is different and can take any number of revisions to get correct, please understand Custom tuning isn't an instant process, that's what OTS style maps are for, our custom maps take into account motor health, turbo performance, fuel quality, ambient temperature and altitude amongst many other factors of data. 
  • If you purchase on a Friday evening or over the weekend, we are unable to process any orders until the next business day (usually Monday), we operate in the timezone for Sydney Australia which is GMT+10 timezone. 
  • By requesting a Custom Tune from “Navardi Tuned”, you, as the “Customer”, hereby represent that you understand the inherent risks of modifying the engine calibration through the use of software manipulation “ECU Tuning” and that you have full authority to authorize the tuning of this vehicle. You understand that some or all of these parts and/or tuning may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. You (The “Customer”) take full responsibility to ensure that any modifications or upgrades that you have done to your vehicle conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety and emissions.
  • You acknowledge that Navardi Tuned has made you aware that certain parts are intended for Racing Competition Only and not meant to be used on a road car. You absolve Navardi Tuned for any and all burden of responsibility in ensuring your car satisfies regulations set forth by Federal, State, and/or Local governing agencies.
  • You also absolve Navardi Tuned for any damages to your motor due altering the stock calibration of the motor( “ECU Tuning”), you understand that there are inherit risks with increasing the output of your motor above factory stock limits. We try our very best to ensure reliability and engine safety, but engine damage can occur due to a variety of reasons, for which we “Navardi Tuned” are not liable for.  
  • As the “Customer” you must understand that Navardi Tuned will not be held accountable for any illegal action committed whilst tuning this vehicle, Data-Logging should be done in a safe and legal environment such as a “Drag Strip” or “Race Track” or “Dynomometer”.
  • As the “Customer” you hereby represent that you know the condition of the vehicle and you assure that it is in acceptable condition to be tuned and data-logged for the purpose of tuning.
  • You the "Customer" must also understand that the purchase of this custom tune requires the purchase of the Bootmod3 tuning licence, which can be purchased from www.protuningfreaks.com
  • You the "Customer" must also understand that all communication will be made via the comment feature in the custom tune request for all communication and/or support related requests.
  • Our Terms and Conditions can also be found on our website:
  • Our Privacy Policy:
  • Our Refund Policy:

Bootmod3 Custom Tuning FAQ:
  • Why Custom Tune? Custom Tuning is offered as it can create a tune specific to your car and you “the Customer” are able to make specific requests in regards to how you want your car to perform. Custom Tuning also allows for better reliability as the tune is specific to your engine.

  • Can Custom Tunes Make More Power Than OTS Maps? If you have bolt on mods such as larger turbo setups, or forged internals. Then the short answer is yes! We can also tune you to run on different fuels on the stock motor, this allows you to make more power with the same requirements for OTS Maps.

  • Power Benefits between Custom Tunes and OTS (“Off The Shelf”) Maps? Please understand that if you have requested a custom stage 2 or stage 1 type tune that power output might be similar to an OTS map but custom tuning comes with better safety and reliability over an OTS map as the tune is tailored specifically to your engine and we can adjust for the local conditions the car operates in. (i.e Fuel Quality, Altitude etc.).

  • Can Custom Tunes Utilise My Mods? Custom Tuning is also offered as it allows you to directly take advantage of any bolt on modification or engine enhancements you have made, something OTS maps are unable to do (i.e Forged pistons and rods, or a larger turbo etc.).

  • Spark Plugs? I strongly recommend you install NGK 97506 spark plugs on all N and S series motors, and gap them to 0.022” or 22 thousands of an inch.

  • Engine Maintenance? We strongly recommend a fresh service before going with any tune on your vehicle, and encourage earlier service intervals on your vehicle once tuned (every 10,000 kms or 5,000 kms if you regularly use Ethanol mixes). This is because tuning places additional strain on your engine components and engine damage can present itself on a tuned motor (regardless if OTS or Custom Tunes) if the health of the motor isn't up to scratch. We recommend performance fully synthetic oil in either a 10w30 or 10w40 depending on the engine, if you live in cold climates or have really cold winters, we recommend using something like a 0w30 or 0w40 performance fully synthetic oil. The weight of the oil will depend on your motor, however we have seen better engine life in the N20 and N55 with a 10w40 or 10w30 setup over the stock oil recommendations.
  • How Should I Data Log? Data logging RPM is 2000rpm till red line/rev limiter and in either sport+ or DSC off or Dyno mode. For a more detailed information please see: https://navardituned.com/pages/how-does-the-tuning-process-work

  • I Don’t Own BM3 or “Bootmod3” If you do not already have a Bootmod3 account/license, it can be purchased directly from Flash Tuned.

  • I Have Bought Your Custom Tune Now What Do I Do? Once payment has completed and you have replied to the tuning disclaimer we would have emailed you. Please send us a custom tune request from your BM3 account by going to “My Maps” and then clicking on the red “Request Custom” button. From there, title the map making sure to include the fuel being used (in title) and select our name from the tuner pull-down “Navardi Tuned”. For further information: https://navardituned.com/pages/how-does-the-tuning-process-work

  • Please provide the following info in the comment section of the custom tune request:

    • Full Name

    • A good email address

    • All engine-related modifications

    • Fuel type

    • Order Number (on the final checkout page or sent to your email).

    • Any special feature requests (I.e. Rev Limit Increase, HP target....etc).