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Who Is Navardi?.

My name is Harry, and I am a passionate BMW enthusiast.

I own a F22 220i with a Forged N20B20 engine, I didn’t hold back spending considerable amount of money and time on Research and Development for this motor. I would happily say I am the most knowledgeable person out there for the N20 motor.

I decided to push the N20 platform as I believe there is a vast amount of misinformation and lack of enthusiasm in this platform due to some poor efforts in tuning this motor. I believe when tuned correctly this motor can make some reliable power especially with larger turbo setups and without the need for upgraded rod bolts (targeting peak Torque around the 4500-4900 rpm range).

Why should you choose me to tune your engine? Because I have spent well in excess over 400 hours in testing and tuning a variety of N20 (including my very own motor), B48, B58, S55, N13, N55 and S63s I know the intricacies of the BMW 4 Cylinder platform and how to safely tune them, I am extremely proficient in the Bootmod3 tuning sweet and can tune a variety of F series engines, with the N20 & B48 being my speciality.

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My N20 has gone through many iterations but the current list of mods include:

  • CP Carillo 10.0:1 2618 Forged Pistons 84.5mm Bore.

  • CP H-Beam Connecting Rods With Carr Rod Bolts.

  • ARP2000 10x 11mm Headstud Conversion.

  • ARP2000 10x 10mm Mainstud Conversion.

  • Athena Cut-Ring Headgasket.

  • ACL Tri-Metal Rod Bearings.

  • Darton MID Wet Sleeves.

  • FTP Cold And Hot Side Charge-pipe Kit.

  • Mishimoto Performance Intercooler.

  • Ebay Decat.

  • 3inch Custom Stainless Exhaust System, With Resonator Delete And Xforce Muffler.

  • FTP Turbo Inlet Pipe.

  • Custom Short Ram Intake With K&N KNRR-3003 Pod Filter And MAF Relocation.

  • Precision Raceworks Ignition Coils.

  • Walbro 460 F90000274 Custom LPFP Setup.

  • E85 Fuel Lines.

  • Fuel-It Port Injection Fuel Line Tee.

  • B58TU HPFP

  • S63TU EU5 Injectors.

  • Navardi Tuned 750cc Port Injection Kit, with AIC6 Split Second Controller.
  • NGK 97506 Gapped to 0.022

  • PSP N55 External Oil cooler Adaptor Plate, With Aeroflow Oil Thermostat and Braided Lines and 25 Row Oil Cooler.

Future planned additions to the motor include:

  • Borg Warner EFR8474.

  • Custom Tubular T4 Twin Scroll Exhaust Manifold.

  • Custom Downpipe.

  • Custom Turbo Outlet And Inlet Pipe.

  • Ported Cylinder Head with S55 Valve Train Upgrade.

  • Custom Intake Manifold With Built In Port Injection.

  • BimmerMILVS valve lift mod.

 Forged N20Forged N20