BMW File-Service

BMW A2L/Damos File Service

Providing You The Tools to Make Your Own Maps


Tuning your vehicle can result in engine damage! If you do not feel comfortable tuning, then leave it up to a professional or don't tune at all! Navardi Tuned or any of its subsidiaries is not held responsible for any damages or costs as a result of using this tool.


Are you after a Damos/A2L definition file for your tuning editor?
Then this product is for you!
Simply email us your stock binary file/readout from your Master flashing tool, We will confirm support or provide advice regarding the file. If we support it we will then send you an invoice, once payment has cleared we will then proceed to email you the A2L/Damos File. Due to the nature of these files, we cannot always guarantee availability in English or that it will be 100% correctly defined. As such refunds are not available on such products, we do our best to check these files before sending them to you however with some Damos/A2L files having well over 30,000 definitions we cannot guarantee file legitimacy.
Due to the nature of these files, pricing can and will vary. Contact our support team to give you a quote.

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