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N20 Upgraded HPFP Kit (HPFP Not Included)

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The B58TU HPFP upgrade kit for the N20 without the HPFP is the perfect upgrade for users wanting to run E85 on their N20 or have a larger turbo flowing enough air to max the stock N20 HPFP. 

  • This Kit Does Not Come With The B58TU HPFP. 
  • This Kit comes with the required parts to retrofit the B58TU HPFP, This kit is ideal for users wanting to source the pump locally or on the used market.
  • DIY install guide located Here

Avoiding upgrading your HPFP and trying to run the Stock HPFP at its maximum capacity can cause the Stock HPFP to crash, which can cause engine damage very quickly. 

Save yourself a nightmare and upgrade to the B58TU HPFP.

The 2M kit comes with the following parts: (Some Assembly Required).

  • Custom 2M Braided Line with AN style Fittings 
  • HPFP Hose fitting
  • 5/16 EFI Quick Disconnect Fitting
  • Modified Valvetronic Valve cover seal plate. (OE 11377502022) 

    The 2M kit is designed to replace only the fuel hose from the undercarriage near the gearbox to the HPFP, if you want to replace the entire stock LPFP feed hose from the fuel tank to the HPFP please purchase the 3M kit.

The 3M kit comes with the following parts: (Some Assembly Required).

  • Custom 3M Braided Line with AN style Fittings 
  • HPFP Hose fitting
  • 5/16 90 degree EFI Quick Disconnect Fitting
  • Modified Valvetronic Valve cover seal plate. (OE 11377502022) 

Pre 11/2014 cars please purchase the "before 11/2014" kits,

Pre 11/2014 cars will need the Wiring harness adaptor and will need to splice into the factory harness to accept the new style electrical plug on the B58TU HPFP (HDP6), all N20's built After November of 2014 will have the new plug. Whilst there are some cars before November 2014 that did manage to get the newer plug from factory we cannot guarantee this to be the case for you and will offer the wiring harness plug to all customers who proceeded to have a car before 11/2014. If you're not sure what you have please purchase based off the Build date of your vehicle.

If you would prefer to buy the kit with the physical pump please click here: 

This kit is for those that prefer to fit a cheaper used B58TU HPFP (HDP6).

With regards to tuning E85, Rail pressure needs to be minimum of 24mPa and a max of 25mPa at 5000 - 7000 RPM. 

Significant Injector adjustments are also required to get the N20 to operate correctly on E85, consult with your tuner. 

For people running 93, leave the rail pressure 20mPa unless you are starting to hit the injector limitations.

This pump is rated to 35mPa (5000PSI), however going over 25mPa (3600 PSI) is not advised on the N20 fuel system at this stage. 

There are injector upgrades (S63TU EU5) that will flow about 40% more fuel over the stock injectors, whilst they require a custom tune to work, they also allow the rail pressure to be set to 20mPa which places less demand on the fuel system. These can be purchased Here

  • Please note: Improper installation can damage engine components or the engine itself. Whilst this pump is 90% plug and play, Navardi Tuned holds no responsibility for the installation, form. fit or function of this pump, its associated components and any tuning this pump may be used in. By purchasing this kit you understand it is your sole responsibility to use this kit appropriately.
  • An important note, the Hard-Line from the HPFP outlet to the fuel rail is angled slightly off, whilst we have not seen any performance issues due to this and the pump bolts up to the Hard-Line just fine with no leaks, if you would prefer to have it aligned properly you will need to bend the Hard-Line slightly. 
  • For a basic installation instruction guide please refer to the following guide Here

For Warranty Information Click Here
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    I’ve met Harry from Navardi a couple off months ago and from that everything went straight upwards. He helped me out with different questions on my n20 engine with lower compression pistons.

    Salem, Belgium

    Awesome experience, Harrison’s work is remarkable. He did a wonderful job on BM3 custom tuning for my wagon F31 N20. Has excellent recommendations and resources. Without any doubts, eyes closed in trust any tune.

    Billy, Canada

    Harry at Navardi Tuned is the most knowledgeable tuner for these engines. My n20 now performs greater and more efficiently; strong, smooth, and consistent!

    Spencer, USA

    Perfect job done by Harrison on my BMW F33 420i engine.

    Very serious, he spared no effort to provide me with top-level programming. Powerful, flexible reactive with maximum reliability.

    I live in France the time difference has never been a problem. Depending on the datalogs produced, I received dozens of updates over several weeks. Excellent follow-up.
    Definitely recommend Navardi Tuned!

    Laurent, France

    The most seamless experience, Harry (the owner) is the most helpful person I've ever met in this industry! I recieved endless support throughout the months before tuning, all the way through the tuning process, and a TON of follow up afterwards. Do not listen to some of the other reviews here on Google, they are spreading serious mis-information. They are all missing the fact that the owner of the troubled vehicle acted negligently in looking after a car that HE decided to tune well above factory specs... seemingly very idiosyncratic to a normal person. Regardless of this, if you want your BMW tuned to make it more enjoyable to drive, or to accompany any modifications you have done to it, you couldn't find a better guy than Harry.

    Ryan, Australia