Navardi Tuned Humble Beginnings

We started our journey, after buying into our first turbo bmw vehicle... A 2014 220i equipped with the N20 EWG engine.

After attempting to tune it initially using a JB4 we moved over to BM3 however we decided to review these two tunes back to back, and unfortunately whilst comparing the JB4 on that particular run we blew the motor.

Due to bending rods in cylinders 1 and 4, we thought the best approach was to build the motor and see what was really capable of this platform. However as we began digging down this rabit hole we realised that there was alot of misguided information, poor quality tunes and poor quality aftermarket parts not to mention barely any legible support for this platform.

We decided it was time to correct this and made it our mission to drive development on the BMW N20/N26 & B48/B46 platforms so we could ensure others out there had a seemless experience and could enjoy their BMW.

Once we began correcting the wrongs of the N20/N26 we looked into applying that same passion to the B48/B46 platform, as such it has lead us to being able to provide world power records for both engine platforms, first of their kind retrofits and performance products for both engines. We have also developed software to aid with refining the tuning process, and we have so much more in the pipeline!

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Our Wiki with all of our findings + community submissions!

Bent BMW N20 Con Rod Forged BMW N20 Block Gen 1 Built N20

The Rebuild Journey

In our pursuit of development on the N20 we went through a variety of engine rebuilds, after experiencing failure with some combinations of parts. We now have a solid solution thats capable of well into the 1000 Horsepower Range!