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Specialising in the BMW N2x, B4x engine platforms. We not only have we held world records for a variety of categories for these engines, we are also passionate about information sharing, and growing the community with our own Wiki, Discord and Facebook Communities. We can also cater services to the N13, N63 & S63 engine platforms.


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Some of our achievements

BMW N20 E85


First True E85 Results

We were the first to tune a BMW N20 with the correct supporting fuel system hardware on E85 as well as help develope the hardware! This allowed us to target safe Air to Fuel Ratios unlike any other E85 tune to date on the N2X platform. We also set a proper power and tq benchmark whilst we were at it!

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BMW N20 World Power Record



We have successfully pushed the limits of the N2x Platform! This setup made 345RWKW and 545WNM on a Hyper Power Load Bearing Dyno @ 34-35PSI, which was a gain of 86% over BM3 Stage 2 OTS. That makes it equivalent to around 530WHP and 626WNM on DynoJet.

BMW S55 equipped cars make 335rwkw on this dyno with a stage 2 E30 tune!

We have kindly attached the datalog:

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BMW B48 World Power Record



We were the first to set a B48TU (B46TU for USA) Power Record!
This G20 330i BMW with the B48TU engine made a whopping 496WHP and 611NM on this Dynocom Dyno after we removed transmission software limits. (XHP was not available for this car at the time). This car made 305WHP on BM3 Stage 2 OTS and 315WHP on our Custom Stage 2 Map with the stock turbo, before it was built and a Garret G25-660 slapped onto the side of it.

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BMW N2X Darton Sleeve Make-Over

We have rigurolously tested a variety of built engine configurations, sleeve designs, sleeve formats, block modifications and found all current options were not acceptable for even the most modest power levels above stock. This lead us to design in partnership with Darton International & Brintech Customs Australia, a custom MID Wet Sleeve design for the BMW N20 engine block.

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BMW F20 N20

I’ve met Harry from Navardi a couple off months ago and from that everything went straight upwards. He helped me out with different questions on my n20 engine with lower compression pistons.

Salem, Belgium

Awesome experience, Harrison’s work is remarkable. He did a wonderful job on BM3 custom tuning for my wagon F31 N20. Has excellent recommendations and resources. Without any doubts, eyes closed in trust any tune.

Billy, Canada

Harry at Navardi Tuned is the most knowledgeable tuner for these engines. My n20 now performs greater and more efficiently; strong, smooth, and consistent!

Spencer, USA

Perfect job done by Harrison on my BMW F33 420i engine.

Very serious, he spared no effort to provide me with top-level programming. Powerful, flexible reactive with maximum reliability.

I live in France the time difference has never been a problem. Depending on the datalogs produced, I received dozens of updates over several weeks. Excellent follow-up.
Definitely recommend Navardi Tuned!

Laurent, France

The most seamless experience, Harry (the owner) is the most helpful person I've ever met in this industry! I recieved endless support throughout the months before tuning, all the way through the tuning process, and a TON of follow up afterwards. Do not listen to some of the other reviews here on Google, they are spreading serious mis-information. They are all missing the fact that the owner of the troubled vehicle acted negligently in looking after a car that HE decided to tune well above factory specs... seemingly very idiosyncratic to a normal person. Regardless of this, if you want your BMW tuned to make it more enjoyable to drive, or to accompany any modifications you have done to it, you couldn't find a better guy than Harry.

Ryan, Australia

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