Tuning Disclaimer

Navardi Tuned - Tuning Disclosure and Process

Please read and reply to the following. If you disagree with any part of this agreement, we will issue an immediate refund, and all tune requests will be revoked.

By requesting a "Tune" from “Navardi Tuned,” you, as the “Customer,” are acknowledging the inherent risks associated with modifying engine calibration through software manipulation, known as “ECU Tuning.” You confirm that you have the authority to authorize this tuning and understand that some or all of these parts and/or tuning may not comply with various legal requirements.

You, the “Customer,” accept full responsibility for ensuring that any modifications or upgrades made to your vehicle comply with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, safety and emission standards.

Navardi Tuned has informed you that certain parts are intended for Racing Competition Only and are not suitable for road use. You agree to absolve Navardi Tuned of all responsibility in ensuring your car meets Federal, State, and/or Local regulations.

Further, you absolve Navardi Tuned of any damages to your engine resulting from altering the stock calibration (“ECU Tuning”). While we strive to ensure reliability and engine safety, engine damage can occur for various reasons, and Navardi Tuned will not be held liable.

You must also understand that Navardi Tuned will not be accountable for any illegal activities committed during the tuning of your vehicle. All Data-Logging should be done in safe and legal environments, such as a “Drag Strip,” “Race Track,” or “Dynamometer.”

As the “Customer,” you acknowledge knowing the condition of your vehicle and assure that it is suitable for tuning and data-logging.

All communication between you and Navardi Tuned during this process will take place exclusively through the comment feature in Bootmod3 or TuneFlow Dynamics. This will encompass all interactions concerning your tune request(s), including any inquiries related to communication or support.

Process and Terms:

Please note that our response time for orders and tune reviews is up to 3 business days from the date of purchase or date of log submission, excluding weekends and national holidays, as our office is closed during those times. We ask you to respect our response times as we have many clients we service and must ensure we serve all of them fairly.

Opening Days: We are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We are closed on all other days.

Purchases are made through our website, and once payment is cleared, we'll email you our tuning disclaimer. If you don't agree, we'll issue an immediate refund. Upon your confirmation and agreement to our terms, we'll guide you on how to submit a tune request, depending on the platform you're using.

You can expect your first base map/revision within 48 hours of your acceptance to our Tuning Disclaimer email (Excluding Weekends and National Holidays), along with logging instructions. Please follow our logging instructions carefully and report any issues during the wide-open throttle run. Remember that tuning may strain certain car components, and poorly-maintained parts can lead to engine failure. Please ensure your car is up to mechanical standard. If it is not we have the right to freeze any tuning until we can confirm your car is operating correctly.

To submit a log, use the "Req Update" button (for Bootmod3) for MHD, MGFlasher, or another tune flashing/logging tool. Please ensure you have submitted your logs in TuneFlow and clicked the Request Update Button.

Once received, we'll work on reviewing and making necessary changes promptly. Keep in mind that custom tuning isn't an instant process, as it considers various factors like motor health, turbo performance, and fuel quality, etc.

If you purchase during weekends, your order will be processed on the next business day. Our operations follow the Sydney, Australia timezone (GMT+10).

By requesting a custom tune from Navardi Tuned, you acknowledge the risks of ECU tuning and take sole responsibility for ensuring compliance with all road-use regulations. You also absolve Navardi Tuned of any liability for damages to your engine caused by tuning.

Always conduct data-logging safely and legally, using appropriate venues like a drag strip, race track, or dyno. Make sure your vehicle is in suitable condition for tuning and data-logging.

Please note that the relevant tuning license is required before purchasing our services. All communication and support requests must be made via the comment feature in the custom tune request either in Bootmod3 or TuneFlow, failure to do so will result in your tune being missed during our review cycles.

You can still reach out to us directly via our Contact Information should you need to.

Booking Information:

  • To have your tune completed sooner, you can book a back-to-back session with us. These sessions are free of charge.
  • Alternatively, you can book a dyno session for a more precise tuning experience. Bookings are made in 2-3 hour sessions. Here are the links for booking:

Important: By agreeing to our tuning disclosure, you agree to these operating terms and conditions. Refunds are not available for clients who do not accept these conditions.

For further understanding of Navardi Tuned operations and the Flashing/Logging process, check out our YouTube videos:

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