TuneFlow Dynamics Usage Disclaimer

TuneFlow Dynamics Usage Disclaimer,

By purchasing and using TuneFlow, you accept that any and all engine or vehicle damage as a result of tuning with this tool or without, you agree to take on all sole responsibility for those actions. 
Navardi Tuned or its entities will not be held liable for damages caused by the use of this product. Tuning can be dangerous if you do not feel confident in tuning your vehicle or someone else's please do not use this product.

Tuning can also be considered illegal for road use in some districts/regions as such this product should only be used in an Off-Road or Professional Racing vehicle. Navardi Tuned will not be held responsible for any legal action as a result of vehicle tuning. It is the users responsibility to use this tool appropriately and in the correct situations and ensure they adhere to all and any legal requirements for motor vehicles in the derestriction that, that vehicle resides in.