N20 Baffled Aluminium Sump – Navardi Tuned
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N20 Baffled Aluminium Sump - Navardi Tuned
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N20 Baffled Aluminium Sump

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Do you like pushing the limits of your N20? But are afraid to do more extreme activities such as drifting or track days at your local raceway due to the notorious oil starvation issues the N20 suffers. Then this Baffled Aluminium Sump is the perfect solution for your needs. 

The Sump is cast aluminium we then weld in some custom Baffle plates that help minimise oil moving away from the oil pickup. Due to the tricky nature of how the factory oil pump and pickup sit in the sump the location of the baffles is designed to prevent oil from moving away from the pickup under hard lateral left and right turns. 

Each baffle plate is welded and mechanically locked into the sump to ensure they don't move during operation.  

Please note: This is a made to order product, it is dispatched within 14 days of purchase, should there be a delay in the supply chain due to uncontrollable factors, you are notified immediately and alternative solutions can be discussed if necessary.

Comes with a new gasket, Suitable for RWD N20/N26 only, Xdrive/AWD cars have a different designed oil pan that doesn't suffer oil starvation issues as badly as the RWD cars do.