New Maps, New Options and Pricing Updates

New Maps, New Options and Pricing Updates

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Today we will be discussing the recent additions and changes to our product line up. We strive to making quality tunes and products but in doing so there is a lot of hard work and countless hours of research and development that goes into these products and services.

30 MAR 2021


Today we have released our own OTS Style maps, these maps are designed to give users an alternative to the current OTS maps they have access to to get a different driver experience or different power and response. 

How these differ from our Custom Tuning Packages is that these are designed to be plug and play, with no support from a tune adjustment perspective, these are aimed at being more tailored to getting the most power from your car with a different tune setup over the current OTS maps, we also offer OTS Style maps for E85 users with upgraded HPFP setups (PI and CPI not supported on these maps).

So where does our entry level Custom Tune "Stock Motor and Stock Turbo" fit into the picture? This package is aimed at users wanting to get the absolute maximum from their stock setup or for users that live in unique climates and locations that have poorer quality or above average quality fuels where an OTS map just cannot account for.

As of today we now have restructured how our Custom Tunes are packaged, they still include support for any engine/drivetrain modification or addition (FBO, HPFP, JB4/AIC6, PI/CPI etc.) we now offer;

Stock Motor and Stock Turbo, which is aimed at users wanting to get the absolute maximum from their stock setup or for users that live in unique climates and locations that have poorer quality or above average quality fuels where an OTS map just cannot account for.

Stock Motor and Upgraded Turbo
, this is targeted at users who need a retune with any aftermarket turbo solution on a stock motor so they can ensure they are optimally running their setup for the maximum power and torque gains the stock motor can safely handle.

Upgraded Internals and Upgraded Turbo, this package is aimed at users who need a tailored solution for their built motor along with any turbo upgrades associated with the setup. Due to the general nature of "Forged" or "Built" motors and their accompanying turbo setups, a lot of work must invested into the tuning as considerable parts of the engine have changed and the tune needs to reflect that, on average our custom tunes for a Forged/Built Motor and Upgraded Turbo have about 330 - 450 tables changed on just the first revision and depending how the engine responds, further adjustments might be required to these tables or others. For contrast most ECU/DME within BM3 have access to at least 2500 tables that can be edited/adjusted if necessary.

Additional Fuel Variant Tune: (Yes/No) This option has been designed to help package 2 custom tunes for purchase, 2nd maps for different fuels are automatically discounted 50%
An example of how this works is, customer wants a custom tune for 98 RON (93 OCT) and E85, this customer would then select "Yes"  and would receive 2x custom tunes with 1x for their "Primarily Used Fuel" and 1x for their "Secondary Used Fuel

MHD Custom Tuning:
We have now offered customers the option of using us to provide tunes for their MHD powered BMWs which does include some E series vehicles. The process is similar to Bootmod3, however datalog's and transmission of tune revisions will need to be done via email for now.

Price Increases:
Over the last 24 hours we have seen some feedback to our price restructure and price increase on some aspects of our tuning. Unfortunately due to increased operational costs we have had to raise our prices slightly or reprice entire certain aspects of our Custom Tune Packages. We understand this might be frustrating to some users. However for us to continue to provide quality service and reputable, reliable and high quality tuning we must raise our pricing. 

We are extending a 20% OFF discount until APRIL 15 as a token of our appreciation for the love and support from the community over our tunes and service, so please if you haven't already take advantage of a limited opportunity to score a good deal on a Custom Tune.

Operational Hours:
Going forward, Navardi Tuned will no longer operate on weekends, this is due to ensuring our staff stay in good health so they can continue to provide you with good customer service and quality products and services.

We hope you understand the necessity to make these changes and apologise for any inconvenience, if you would like to discuss this further or get in contact to discuss a solution to your needs please email us at:  

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Is there a tune available yet for 07/20 on series cars
I have an M 135i but have been told they can’t be done

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